Saturday, October 25, 2014

Kalalou Hand Woven Rush Boo Mat

Halloween is definitely one of our favorite seasons here at Paige's Place! Some of our favorite items that we carry are from a company called Kalalou which is based out of Jackson, Mississippi. You might know them by their former name, Country Originals.

"Kalalou, a word of Creole origin that refers to a stew of many ingredients and spices, ideally prepared and enjoyed with family and friends.

For Kalalou, the ingredients include colors, textures, whimsy, artisans, recycled materials, different countries, repurposed objects and lots of imagination."

-Home Accents Today, 9/22/10

This adorable hand-woven rush mat for Halloween may not look that scary but it will definitely help you and your trick-or-treaters celebrate the season! It is made to go outside, but would hold up best if kept on a covered porch or somewhere where it is protected from full exposure to the elements. (37" wide by 26" tall)

Available now at ($39.95). Come by and see what other treats you can find!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

We love this great functional and yet stylish Galvanized Tin Wall Compartment Shelf to help us get organized! Great place to keep up with those important bills and other items that need your near-term attention. (9.75"H x 15.75"L) Check this piece out and many other great items for getting you organized and for adding style to your home at!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We love this idea and have seen many different versions, but love this one with the distressed black and natural colors! Check it out on our website at Paige's Place and we know you'll love it! We've thought about making one of these before, but why when you can buy one so cute? :)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
We were reminded of the importance of family once again this past week with the passing of my brother-in-law who was 50 years old. Hold your family close and cherish the memories! Keep favorite family pics close at hand with this great wire heart photo holder available at Paige's Place ( Twenty-four little hearts will hold your most treasured photos, cards, and other souvenirs. This is by far one of our best-selling items and a favorite of our customers!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

This beautiful Bird Design Glass-domed Display Stand is one of our favorite pieces here at and is an especially thoughtful gift for the bird lover in your life! It also is the perfect spot to display a beautiful cupcake creation. Lovely vintage grey finish. (12.25x10.63x10.25h)

By the way, if you need some inspiration for a beautiful cupcake to display, I have been playing around with several different cupcake recipes. I came across a wonderful White Wedding Cake Cupcake recipe courtesy of one of my favorite blogs to follow, Recipe Girl. I added in 1 tsp of Almond Extract as she suggests in her tips and let me tell you these cupcakes are heavenly all by themselves. If you really want to have an over-the-top good cupcake, frost with her great recipe for Wedding Cake Buttercream! I would have loved to give you a pic of one of those great cupcakes displayed on the display stand shown above, but my decorating skills are not up to Recipe Girl's yet...LOL.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This great plaque that speaks volumes is one of my new favorite pieces in the Kelly Rae Roberts line featured on Paige's Place! We all have things we just can't seem to let go of or release, so maybe this plaque can inspire us all! Let it go and let your dreams take flight! (plaque approx 18"L x 22"H)

This and many more great Kelly Rae Roberts items are featured on the site plus many more to come that have just been showcased at January gift markets. Here's to great whimsical and inspirational design!